Basin mounted monoblock mixing taps with anti splash or spray outlets.

Hand washing under a spray of clean running water is not only hygienic but saves both water and energy costs - just as a shower is more economical than a bath.

See drawing of valve


With spray outlet.
Suitable for use in public washrooms.


With anti-splash outlet.
Suitable for washing under a clear
stream of water, or filling a small basin.
WATERSAVER 420 and 430

Like all Sheardown mixing valves, the Watersaver has a unique mixing system which allows smooth, progressive control of water temperature with entirely hot or cold water available when required. To ensure that maximum economy is achieved and only adequate water is made available for use, a flow control is incorporated in the outlet. This can be simply adjusted on site, allowing the mixers to suit individual installation requirements.

See drawing of valve


With spray outlet and wrist action lever.
Suitable for clinical and domestic use.


With wrist action and anti-splash outlet.
WATERSAVER 421 and 431

The elegant, yet robust bodies and handles are cast in Gunmetal to resist corrosion and vandalism. Maintenance is kept to a minimum by keeping the operating thread and bearing surfaces isolated from water and sealed for long life in a lubricant. Three identical seals are used to blend the water and shut off the valve. These can not be over-compressed by the user and so give good service.

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